Referenzen Trockenstabilat-Anlagen

Reference plants Stabilat technology

The Herhof technology has been successful for more than 20 years and was developed by Herhof-Umwelttechnik GmbH which is no longer in operation.

Herhof GmbH took over its essential business operations and kept on a large number of the employees. Using the Herhof patents it is therefore able to continue benefitting from the Herhof patent rights and technical experience. There are more than 50 Herhof plants worldwide.


In operation

Sofia (Bulgaria)

Capacity: 400.000 t/y


Kastijun (Croatia)

Capacity: 90.000 t/a


Mariscina (Croatia)

Capacity: 100.000 t/a


Niederlehme (Germany)

Capacity135.000 t/a
Start of operation June 2006
Number of affiliated residents 515.500
Contractor ZAB Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft Nuthe-Spree


Geel (Belgium)

Capacity 150.000 t/a
Start of operation Juni 2006
Affiliated number of residents 745.000
Contractor Intercommunale IOK/IVAREM


Venedig (Italy)

Capacity 150.000 t/y
Start of operation February 2002
Affiliated number of residents 300.000
Contractor AMAV, Venedig


Dresden (Germany)

Capacity 100.000 t/y
Start of operation January 2001
Affiliated number of residents 480.000
Contractor SR-Stadtreinigung Dresden GmbH


Rennerod (Germany)

Capacity 100.000 t/y
Start of operation April 2000
Affiliated number of residents 620.000
Contractor Westerwaldkreis Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb


A├člar (Germany)

Capacity 160.000 t/y
In operation July 1997 - December 2013
Affiliated number of residents 518.000
Contractor Lahn-Dill-Kreis, Abfall- und Energiewirtschaft Lahn-Dill


Own operations