Air treatment

With implementation of the 30th BImSchV (German emission control ordinance) there are strict limits for the operation of mechanical-biological plants in Germany. The total carbon emissions in the exhaust air are not only limited in concentration, it is also limited in the loading of carbon emitted. This can be met with the LARA® system.

To be able to achieve such strict regulations, two targets have to be achieved independently:

1. Minimisation of the air required for the biological treatment

2. Reduction of the total carbon emissions to the lowest technically feasible level

Reduction of the carbon concentrations to well below these levels can be achieved by using thermally regenerative waste air treatment. The hydrocarbons are oxidized in a combustion chamber to carbon dioxide and steam, as in afterburning. To reduce the operating costs, maximum heat recovery is achieved using ceramic heat exchangers. In the hot state, the first chamber releases is stored thermal energy to heat the process air. Following successful completion of oxidation in the combustion chamber, the second chamber is reheated by the hot waste air. Cyclical changeover of the direction of flow ensures permanent operation.

If these limits are not to be considered the exhaust air treatment can be realized with a normal biofilter (with acid scrubber).


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