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Active climate

Landfilling has always been a temporary solution and it cannot be justified eco-logically and economically. Valuable raw materials were taken away from the economic cycle and the consequential costs and ecological hazards were shifted to following generations. Herhof is committed to meeting this challenge.

In view of increasingly scarce fossil energy resources our Herhof technologies offer an outstanding commercial and ecological alternative. We promote the balance of nature through recirculation of its resources into the natural cycle. We use the Stabilat® process to produce a storable and environment-friendly source of energy.

The use of Stabilat® substitutes fossil fuels such as coal, crude oil and natural gas. Due to its high organic content, Stabilat® releases 80% less CO2 during the energy production than conventional fuels.

As a result innovative waste management becomes an active climate protection measure.


Air, water, soil.

These are three elements that are worth thinking about innovatively and working for hard.

Protecting the environment and its resources is the main factor that links all our ideas and concepts. It is not only based on the Herhof Stabilat® process, it is also the fundamental idea underlying all of our composting and biogas plants. The Herhof box composting system transforms organic waste quickly into nutrient-rich compost for farming or soil improvement in other areas.

When you use Herhof equipment to exploit waste for the production of energy or compost, the exhaust air is purified in the process – either with the LARA® air treatment and air purification system or with biofilters. These filters do not only absorb dirt but odours as well. We always recycle condensation water as well as sewage and reutilise them.


Herhof headquarters

Herhof corporate headquarters is located in beautiful Solms near Wetzlar.

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