Group structure

Herhof has a strong background

Herhof GmbH is a subsidiary of the Greek waste management company Helector S.A.. The majority position in Helector is held by the Greek conglomerate Ellaktor S.A.. Ellaktor S.A. is active in the areas of renewable energy and environmental technology. In addition it is a leader in the construction sector, real estate development and in privately-financed infrastructural projects. The publicly traded company ranks among the largest in Greece.

With this strong relationship as our foundation, we are in the position to design your project in an optimal manner with careful attention to all important details in the engineering, construction, commissioning and operation stages. At the same time, we will customise our services to fulfill each customer’s special requirements. Without ifs and buts.


Company brochure

Further information about Herhof GmbH can be found in our company brochure.

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